Grant Requests

All proposed grant requests are required to be discussed with the Senior Resources Manager at 847-234-2209. If the Senior Resources Manager determines that the request meets the eligibility requirements (below) and is consistent with the current priorities of the Lake Forest-Lake Bluff Senior Resources Commission (SRC), the applicant may submit a grant application to the Senior Resources Manager. The request will then be placed on a future SRC agenda.

The SRC will determine whether the grant request as submitted or modified will be submitted to the Lake Forest-Lake Bluff Senior Citizens Foundation for consideration for funding.

The Foundation considers only funding requests that have been recommended by the SRC. The Foundation independently decides to approve or disapprove the request and will inform the applicant of its decision.


Grant Eligibility Requirements

  • The requestor must be a 501(c)(3) Illinois not-for-profit organization.
  • The population proposed to be served must be 50 years and older and live within the boundaries of Lake Forest High School District 115.
  • The request must serve a documented unmet need(s) for individuals 50 years and older.
  • The grant application must include clear goals; specific, measurable, and realistic objectives/action steps with timelines; deliverables/outcomes; and an overall budget including the grant dollar amount being requested.
  • The requesting organization must have a history of successful grant submission and management.